Duodenal Stents

The self-expanding Nitinol stents are used to bypass stenosis in the Duodenum. Their spherical ends adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the Duodenum, thereby guaranteeing maximum positional stability. Stents with and without covering are available depending on the indication.

The Duodenal stent is preloaded on a TTS introducer (through-the-scope) as standard. Insertion is therefore carried out through the working channel of the endoscope and release of the stent is observed endoscopically. X-ray markings on the introducer and on the stent itself, ensure optimum radiological visualisation.
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Specific Characteristics

  • Spherical ends
  • Self-expanding
  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends
  • Release under endoscopic observation
  • Excellent positional stability
  • Resistant and elastic covering
  • High radiopacity
  • Extraction threads for removal and repositioning
  • Guide wire-compatible up to 0.035 inches 

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Always the Appropriate Solution

With a diameter of 20mm and different lengths of 60. 80. 100 or 120mm, the range of Duodenal stents always provides the right size for your patient
Ordering Information

Duodenal Stents Without Covering

Product Number Ø End mm Ø Centre mm Length mm Covering mm Box Size
ST02-101.20.060 20 26 60 Without Each
ST02-101.20.080 20 26 80 Without Each
ST02-101.20.100 20 26 100 Without Each
ST02-101.20.120 20 26 120 Without Each

Duodenal Stents With Partial Covering

Product Number Ø End mm Ø Centre mm Length mm Covering mm Box Size
ST02-102.20.060 20 26 60 40 Each
ST02-102.20.080 20 26 80 60 Each
ST02-102.20.100 20 26 100 80 Each
ST02-102.20.120 20 26 120 100 Each

Duodenal Stents With Full Covering

Product Number Ø End mm Ø Centre mm Length mm Covering mm Box Size
ST02-103.20.060 20 26 60 Fully Covered Each
ST02-103.20.080 20 26 80 Fully Covered Each
ST02-103.20.100 20 26 100 Fully Covered Each

Introducer System

Ø mm/Fr. Length mm Guidewire RM *1 IC *2 Lock *3
3.3/10 1800 0.035" 2 Yes Yes
*1 – RM = Radiopaque Markers
*2 – IC = Irrigation Channel
*3 – Lock = Secures the introducer system during storage, transportation, and introduction

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Delivery Process

1. Purchase order placed
2. 48 Hour Delivery timeline
Urgent orders can be fulfilled within 24 hours
3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
4. Customer receives product, ready to use with patient