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Sustainability Policy


We strive to manage our business and act responsibility within the wider community, while contributing to human wellbeing and the global environment through the way we run our organisation. Micro Tech UK Ltd mission is to reduce our environmental impact for the benefit of future generations.

We will improve the positive impacts we make by ensuring:

• Compliance with all relevant legislation and standards, and the expectations of our customers and other key stakeholders.
• Our systems and procedures prevent pollution and minimise resource consumption.
• Our team and suppliers are able and encouraged to support our sustainability commitments.
• We continually review how we can make improvements to our sustainability performance.

Net Zero

We are committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030 Reducing CO2 emissions of our own value chain and contributing to society’s carbon neutrality.

Our focus will be on:

• Encouraging flexible working within the team to reduce unnecessary travel and improve work life balance.
• Ensuring our Warehousing is carbon neutral.
• Reduce the emissions of our delivery partners by ensuring the last miles are emission free.
• Working with our customers to help them reduce waste.
• Ensuring our office is as sustainable as possible.
• Supporting our partner companies in reducing their waste.

Our Impact in the Community

Micro Tech UK is a purpose-driven company who believe it is our duty to positively contribute to our communities. Each Team member has 5 paid days to support community activities.

Our team are proud to contribute to society by being school governors, charity trustees and working in food banks. We believe in the benefit of education.