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Haemostasis clips are indispensable tools used in surgical procedures, ensuring precise and efficient control of bleeding. With Micro-Tech’s advanced design and materials, these clips contribute to safer surgeries and faster patient recovery. Discover how our haemostasis clips can elevate your medical practice and enhance patient outcomes.

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Key Benefits of our
    Endoscopy Clips

Haemostasis clips need to provide accuracy, reliability, and precise functionality to lock onto the tissue. Driven by Micro-Tech Endoscopy’s proven clip delivery system, our clips provide exceptional reliability and tissue management.


Rotatable design for precise placement 


Repeated opening and closing before fixation


Reliable 360° bidirectional rotation

Multiple Span Widths

Ranging from 8mm - 20mm clip width

Haemostasis Products

Our Clips could save your Trust time and money

Lockado is now available on NHS England Supply Chain

Delivery Process

1. Purchase Order Placed
2. 48 Hour delivery timeline
*urgent orders can be fulfilled within 48 hours
3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
4. Customer receives product, ready to use with patient

Lockado Haemostasis Clips

The Lockado clip was designed by Micro-Tech to stop bleeding more efficiently. The key areas of note are that; it is possible to open and close it several times before placement. Reliable gripping of the tissue is ensured with the ten teeth, six of which are arranged laterally. The increased compression pressure further strengthens the hold and ensures reliable closure.


The range includes four models with different span widths, ranging from 8mm to 20mm, so you can ensure that you always have the right clip size for all needs and applications.


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Micro-Tech UK

We take pride in offering the best range of surgical equipment in therapeutic gastroenterology. Micro-Tech has been developing innovative endoscopy tools for the past 24 years, with the user and patient in mind. Our rigorous research and development means you can feel confident in your procedure when using our products.

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