VAC Stent GI

The VacStent GI combines two reliable methods for the treatment of leakage and anastomotic insufficiency: while the fully encased stent completely covers the defects, the wound cavity is drained by continuous suction.
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Specific Characteristics

  • Continuous drainage
  • Reliable vacuum
  • For leakages up to 30 mm
  • Covers the wound cavity
  • Easy and precise placement of the stent by means of OTW (over-the-wire)
  • Promotes granulation
  • Open passage and thus no feeding tube required 

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Shortens Treatment Time

The VacStent GI is preloaded on a flexible introducer, which not only shortens the time required for the treatment but also makes it much more comfortable than the traditional method of treating a wound cavity.
Ordering Information


Product Number Ø Tulip mm Stent mm Total Length
Stent mm
Sponge mm
Covering Ø Distal End /
introducer mm
Length mm
GW Inch
Box Size
00003820 30 14 70 50 Fully Covered 11/14 1000 0.035" Each

Recommended Guidewire

Product Number Ø Inches Total Length mm Tip Length mm Tip Shape Set-up Covering Box Size
600505-5 0.035" 2600 130 Straight Extra Stiff,
Black Each

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Delivery Process

1. Purchase order placed
2. 48 Hour Delivery timeline
Urgent orders can be fulfilled within 24 hours
3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
4. Customer receives product, ready to use with patient