Stone Extraction Basket

The stone extraction baskets from the SHOW series enable the endoscopic removal of stones from the bile ducts. The basket consists of four hexagonally shaped stainless-steel cables. The hose tip on the distal end, enables wire-guided stone extraction. The extraction baskets are available in two sizes to meet various clinical requirements.
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Specific Characteristics

  • Basket made of four stainless steel wires in a hexagonal shape
  • Available in sizes 15 and 20 mm
  • Suitable for short and long wire ERCP
  • Not suitable for lithotripsy
  • Latex-free
  • Compatible guidewire 0.035 inch 

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Designed for Wire-Guided Stone Extraction

The entire system has a Working length of 2,000 mm.
Ordering Information

Stone Extraction Basket

Product Number Form Ø Basket mm Working Channel mm Working Length mm Box Size
RSEB-H4-15 Hexagonal, 4 Cables 15 3.7 2000 Each
RSEB-H4-20 Hexagonal, 4 Cables 20 3.7 2000 Each

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Delivery Processs

1. Purchase order placed
2. 48 Hour Delivery timeline
*urgent orders can be fulfilled within 24 hours
3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
4. Customer receives product, ready to use with patient