EyeMAX Cholangiopancreaticoscope

EyeMAX single-use video cholangiopancreaticoscopy offers direct visualisation for the diagnosis and treatment in endoscopic surgery. The EyeMAX cholangiopancreaticoscope enables excellent high resolution image quality for improved visualisation of the bile and pancreatic ducts which can reduce the number of examinations.
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Specific Characteristics

• Reliable, low-risk procedure in the diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic biliary tract and pancreatic diseases

• Reduced radiation exposure compared to standard ERCP

• High image resolution enables more precision in the diagnosis, biopsy and treatment of stones, stenoses, infections and tumors

• Compatible with all common EHL devices

Precise and Powerful Lighting

Another advantage is the powerful homogeneous lighting, that features a precise and powerful light source generated in the handle and transmitted via optical fibres to achieve the highest image quality. As the illumination gets better, the image quality enhances further.

Ergonomic Harness

For maximum user comfort Micro-Tech have created an ergonomic alternative for conventional secure fixing. Relief during longer examinations as the weight of the cholangiopancreaticoscope and duodenoscope do not have to be held in one hand. One-hand operation of the cholangiopancreaticoscope guaranteed. Secure fixing is achieved by the anchor on the handle of the cholangiopancreaticoscope and attachment to the harness.

120° Angle of Vision

• Improved sampling and removal of foreign bodies

• Best view for easy and efficient lithotripsy

• Narrow external diameter for easier passage of stenoses

Large Working Channel

• Large working channel with 1.2 mm or 2.0 mm diameter for conclusive samples and easier sampling.

• Easy insertion of forceps even with a bent endoscope
due to the short, rigid distal end of the forceps.

• In addition to the irrigation channels, fluids can also
be injected via the working channel
Ordering Information

Cholangiopancreaticoscope with Harness

Product Number Max. Catheter Ø mm Working Channel Ø mm Working Length mm
CDS11005-1 3.9 2.0 650
CDS11006-1 3.9 2.0 2200
CDS22005-1 3.2 1.2 650
CDS22006-1 3.2 1.2 2200


Product Number Interfaces Power Supply Dimensions (L x W x H) mm Weight kg
BS-W-100 DVI-D, Composite 230V 355 x 297 x 107 6

Accessories (Forceps)

Product Number Min. Working Channel Ø mm Length
Opening Width mm Jaw
Ø mm
Spike Covering Type
BF10001 1.1 1200 3 1.0 Without PTFE Alligator
BF10006 1.1 2900 3 1.0 Without PTFE Alligator
BF16001 1.8 1200 4.5 1.6 Without PE Alligator
BF16006 1.8 2900 4.5 1.6 Without PE Alligator

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Delivery Process

1. Purchase order placed
2. 48 Hour Delivery timeline
Urgent orders can be fulfilled within 24 hours
3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
4. Customer receives product, ready to use with patient