Locking Device Guidewire

The guide wire Locking Device holder facilitates the use of short wire compatible instruments and fixes up to two guide wires in parallel. The double diaphragm of the valve reduces the escape of air and bile reflux. It is possible to change the instrument at any time with the Albarran lever open, which is particularly helpful if the Albarran does not hold the guide wire optimally.
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Specific Characteristics

  • Instrument change with open Albarran lever
  • For short wire compatible instruments
  • Up to two guide wires in parallel
  • Double membrane reduces air leakage and bile reflux 

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Ordering Information

Locking Device Guide Wire

Product Number Compatible Endoscope Box Size
MT-RGL-O Olympus Box of 10
MT-RGL-P Pentax Box of 10

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2. 48 Hour Delivery timeline
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3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
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