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Micro-Tech Training is committed to ensuring the safer and proficient use of our innovative endoscopic products. Our free training program blends technology with hands-on learning, empowering healthcare professionals to navigate the intricacies of endoscopy seamlessly. Join us as we redefine the standard of care, shaping a future where precision meets proficiency, and patient well-being remains at the heart of every procedure. Welcome to a new era in endoscopy excellence.


Elevating Patient Care Through Comprehensive Training

Micro-Tech have developed a comprehensive competency assessment program which will upskill new nurses to endoscopy and maintain the high knowledge levels of experienced endoscopy nurses. Our 15 modules cover all areas from Medical Device Set-up to Accuracy and Precision and Professional Conduct.

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Upskill your Endoscopy Team
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Hands-on Learning

One of our product experts will provide in person, hands-on training where needed throughout the training process.


Maintaining Knowledge

Our competency assessments are for up-skilling as well as maintaining those high levels of knowledge that experienced nurses have.


Personal Assessments

Individuals will be given a full assessment in all areas of endoscopy which can be pre-determined in-line with your JAG audit.


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Micro-Tech Training is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of our nursing staff in providing exceptional patient care. This program is meticulously crafted to assess and validate the proficiency of our nurses in various critical areas, promoting continuous learning and elevating the quality of care delivered.

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Expert Medical Care through Comprehensive Product Training

To help you maximise the positive outcomes for your patients when using our products, we offer comprehensive and continuous product training, tailored to meet your needs.