The Coldsnare from Micro-Tech is suitable above all for cold resection of polyps ≤ 9mm. The thin, braided cutting wire was specially developed for cold resection and makes for a highly precise, clean cut in combination with the snare design optimised for excision of small polyps.
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Specific Characteristics

  • Developed for polyps ≤ 9mm
  • Special cutting wire
  • Optimised snare design
  • Precise, uniformed cut
  • High level of control
  • Ergonomic grip 

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Highly Precise,
Clean Cut

The excised polyp is free of thermal defects and ensures that the histological assessment will provide valuable information.
Ordering Information


Product Number Catheter Ø mm Length mm Snare Ø mm Snare Type Box Size
CS3-11023230 2.3 2300 10 Rhombus Box of 10
CS3-11523230 2.3 2300 15 Rhombus Box of 10

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Delivery Processs

1. Purchase order placed
2. 48 Hour Delivery timeline
*urgent orders can be fulfilled within 24 hours
3. Delivered to the hospital by zero emission vehicles
4. Customer receives product, ready to use with patient