Our Global

To save our planet we have no alternative but to act now and leave a home for our future generations.

Sustainability must be at the forefront of every action we take. We are committed to not only reducing our own carbon impact but through our services to the NHS helping to identify and reduce their carbon emissions.

Our Plan for Better

Feasibility Study

We have conducted a major feasibility study looking at sustainability. We are partnering with a major National Health Service trust to identify the energy; water use and waste mix that is produced in the procedural cycle within gastroenterology to determine how Micro-Tech UK could support a unit in reducing carbon impact.

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SME Climate Commitment

We have pledged to successfully adapt and design our company to be Carbon Neutral by 2030.

ISO 14001 Certification

Micro-Tech UK has now achieved the ISO 14001 certification. We will continue to reduce waste management costs, demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment, and help our company comply with the increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations.

Carbon Disclosure Project

We will be identifying and calculating our organisational carbon footprint and quantifying our Green House Gas emission sources in our first step towards reducing our damaging emissions.

Develop our Carbon Reduction Plan

We will be outlining our journey to permanently reducing and eliminating where possible our organisational emissions, including our digital and environmental impact.

Green Symposium

Micro-Tech UK will host a national Green Symposium to bring together like minded people together from the NHS, private hospital groups and environmental leaders to pave the way on how we can all work in partnership to work towards a greener future.

Implementing Fundamental Change

Micro-Tech UK will be collating our data, applying emissions factors and verifying our results.

Our Commitment to Micro-Tech Colleagues

Is to aid them in reducing their personal carbon impact, through helping them identify their carbon usage and support them in how they might reduce emissions.

Carbon Neutral

Our mission to be a carbon neutral company will be complete and we will strive for further effective and innovative ways of ensuring we leave a home for our future generations.

Four Pillar
    Climate Strategy

Our journey toward climate neutral status focusses on four key pillars that are embedded in our iterative planning cycle and business strategy.

Pillar 1

Our Own

Pillar 2

Value Chain Emissions

Pillar 3

with the 1.5C ambition

Pillar 4

Beyond our own Business

Our Climate

The environment and social challenges that are facing the world have never been greater.

Our climate commitment sets out our sustainability goals across our whole business, outlining our priority areas of focus, our key commitments, and our progress.

Where we
      are now

Climate change threatens the foundations of good health with direct and immediate consequences for our patients the public and the NHS.

6.3 %

of the UK’s total carbon emissions and 5% of the country’s total air pollution are due to NHS activities.

36 K

deaths annually are linked to air pollution which is connected to killer conditions like heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

20 M

Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions a year the NHS is responsible for.

3 KG

waste per bed-day generated by Endoscopy to the environmental footprint of health care.

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